Friday, October 30, 2009

Misanthropy Briefs: Shut Up, Mexicans

You know what's my least favorite thing to see on my morning commute? Two fucking Mexicans getting on the train, one with a guitar, the other with a motherfucking accordian. That means I have to endure some ridiculous bleating they consider "a song", which is then followed by public begging.

Here's what's wrong with this whole shitshow:
a) Accordians suck.
b) Mexican music sucks.
c) Mexican music sucks most when done by amateurs trying to drown out the screeching of a subway. Which means they also drown out whatever music you've chosen to listen to that morning.
d) It's 9:00AM, and no one wants to hear anything out of anyone about anything. Especially a midget warbling about matadors or tamales or whatever-the-fuck.
e) I'm on the train because I need to go to work to make money for myself. I'm not giving you a goddamn penny, so don't hold out your cowboy hat to me like I'm supposed to drop cash in there. Get a fucking trabajo like the rest of us.

In closing: Shut up, Mexicans.


  1. I prefer to only hear Mexican music when I'm either a) in Mexico, or b) somewhere eating food that involves chips, salsa, and cheese. But sweet baby jeebus, there should be a law against accordions before 3pm anywhere. Including in Mexico.

  2. I lold

    Keep on writing, makes my dreaded life a little more amusing